THORZT helps athletes perform their best

Kristy Lee Cook and Darryl Chong

THORZT has gained some new fans after handing out 16,000 icy poles and 10,000 cups of electrolyte fluid at the 2018 Mt Isa Rodeo, including to high-profile athletes Darryl Chong and Kristy Lee Cook.

We take a look at what these athletes love about THORZT and how it helps them perform their best.

Darryl Chong: 33, multi-award-winning bullfighter:

With his safety and that of other bull riders and his team-mates at stake, veteran bullfighter and rodeo protection athlete Darryl Chong needs to be at the top of his game every time he enters the ring.

The multi-award-winning athlete has received some of the highest honours in the industry, including APRA Australian Champion Bullfighter, PBR Australian Bullfighting Champion and CRCA Bullfighting Champion.

However, it hasn’t been without its challenges. Throughout his 15-year career, he’s faced several knocks, broken bones, heat stress and dehydration.

“If people are unsure of how a rodeo is run, they generally start earlier in the day to get through the younger competitors before the main events at night,” said Chong.

“During the day, running around with our protective gear on can get very hot and our body temperature gets extremely high. If we don’t take the right fluids and essentials, our performance can reduce dramatically and prevent us from effectively protecting competitors.”

Fortunately, Chong and his team-mates, Lincoln Brown and Brody Moss were introduced to THORZT at the 2018 Mt Isa Rodeo.

“THORZT provided us with the best possible energy and body cooling products, including fluids, icy poles and cooling cloths,” said Chong.

“Furthermore, the electrolyte energy supplements gave us the energy we needed – and more – to help us protect all the competitors over the four-day event.”

Finally, as someone who played rugby league in his youth, Chong recognises the potential of THORZT to help adults and kids in any sporting club compete in hot conditions and boost their performance so they can “bring home the trophy”.

Kristy Lee Cook: 34, athlete, American television host and professional singer:

As her title suggests, Kristy Lee Cook is always on the go. Taking heat, exhaustion and dehydration in her stride, the Texas-based barrel racer, horse trainer, host of “The Most Wanted List”, mother, professional singer and 2008 American Idol top seven finalist is a force to be reckoned with.

However, when she came Down Under for the 2018 Mt Isa Rodeo, she discovered something she never knew she was missing – THORZT.

“I saw THORZT’s booth at the Mt Isa Rodeo and tried their popsicles. I fell in love with them and haven’t stopped using their products since. I even took a box all the way back to the States,” said Cook.

“Living in Texas, it gets very hot! I get light headed when I’m working in the heat and with a five-month-old, I don’t get much sleep, so that mixture can be exhausting.”Cook said that the popsicles help her feel clear-headed and “give her back the energy she spent through the day”.

Now over 14,000 km away, Cook wishes she could get THORZT in America.

“I would love to get these in the States and everyone I’ve shared them with loves them too. There’s nothing like the popsicles here and while I usually hate powdered additives in drinks, I love the flavour of these,” she said.

Both Chong and Cook have become advocates for THORZT since the rodeo and agree that it helps them feel refreshed and ready to perform their best.

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