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Turn Your Back On Heat Stress

Carrying drink bottles around is not always practical in industrial work environments. They get left down, misplaced, and often the hassle of refilling can discourage fluid replenishment, especially in situations where coolers are not easily accessible. This increases the risks of dehydration, heat stress and fatigue and can adversely affect worker productivity, safety and performance. Cut down the time wasted refilling drink bottles at the water cooler and increase workplace productivity with the new Hydration Backpack from THORZT Cooling Gear.

The THORZT 3L Hydration Backpack offers a solution. It’s stylish, slimline design fits comfortably on the worker’s back, with a 3L capacity and closed cell insulated lining that provides ready access to hours of cool fluid replenishment, wherever the worker goes.

Featuring a neoprene insulated drinking tube with an auto-flow/shut off bite valve, the Hydration backpack enables hands-free hydration so workers can focus on the task at hand. The tube and mouthpiece can be conveniently capped and clipped away when not in use.

The Hydration Backpack comes in two high visibility colour options (yellow and orange) and has V-form reflective strips for added safety in low light conditions. The shoulder straps are fully adjustable and feature a quick release buckle to reduce the risk of snag injuries. Inside, the flexible, shockproof bladder has a large 3L capacity tucked neatly into a surprisingly slimline design, and features a large 5.5mm diameter filling port for the easy addition of ice.

For Best Results fill with THORZT Electrolyte Hydration Beverage, available in five great tasting, worker tested flavours.

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