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Hydration testing in the workplace explained

Drug and alcohol testing is commonplace on Australian mining and construction sites while companies are also increasingly introducing worker hydration testing as part of their

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Minimising and managing the heat hangover

Headache, nausea, irritability, concentration problems, fatigue and other ailments are common symptoms of the hangover suffered by anyone who has had a few too many


Olympians Fuel THORZT Hydration Program

An Olympian has described how being an industrial worker is highly demanding, physically challenging and in many ways similar to training for the Olympics. Having

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Dehydration, heat stress & hyponatremia

A safety manager working on a major construction project in the northwest of Western Australia has stressed the importance of worker hydration, heat stress management

11 ways to prevent heat stress in work

The following provides actionable steps and guidelines that safety professionals, managers and business owners can follow to minimise and manage productivity-sapping and potentially dangerous heat

Leighton’s Heat Stress Management Plan

In mid 2012, Leighton Contractors commenced a 2 year project constructing water treatment facilities and storage ponds for Australia Pacific LNG. The project is split