Healthy Hydration Habits

Maintaining the correct balance of fluids, salts, electrolytes and branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) within our body is critical to our health and performance in

How to Prevent Kidney Stones?

Caution: The following article may make you really, really thirsty. In case you’ve never seen one in the flesh, the ugly little bugger pictured right

Dehydration at High Altitudes

Higher altitudes are associated with dehydration as a result of increased urine output, dryer air and more rapid breathing, resulting in a greater loss of

How to avoid hangovers

While most people know that a hangover will slow you down, many people are not aware of the dangerous effects alcohol can have on a

How to Identify a Dehydration Headache

What Causes a Dehydration Headache? Our brains are 80% water. When you become dehydrated your brain tissue loses water causing your brain to shrink and