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Workers’ duty to keep heat tolerance

Heat Tolerance Maintenance Workers must take responsibility for ensuring they remain physically able to perform their job after holidays, according to associate professor in thermal

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Sugary Drinks Cause Obesity + more

The abundance of sugar found in soft drinks, energy drinks and many sports drinks is a serious cause for concern, contributing to Australia’s obesity problem


Olympians Fuel THORZT Hydration Program

An Olympian has described how being an industrial worker is highly demanding, physically challenging and in many ways similar to training for the Olympics. Having

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Heat acclimatisation, fitness & work

When 39 year old ultra-marathon runner Mauro Proserpi survived 10 days lost in the Saharan Desert by drinking bats’ blood and his own urine, he

Healthy Hydration Habits

Maintaining the correct balance of fluids, salts, electrolytes and branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) within our body is critical to our health and performance in

Dehydration at High Altitudes

Higher altitudes are associated with dehydration as a result of increased urine output, dryer air and more rapid breathing, resulting in a greater loss of