50-60% of the industrial workforce start the day in a midly-dehydrated state, every day. Mild dehydration is 1-4% of body fluid loss. At 3%, reaction time is delayed and cognitive ability is compromised, similar to the effects of a blood alcohol reading of 0.08. This can have a significant effect on performance, productivity and most importantly safety. You can sweat anywhere from 500ml to 2.5L per hour depending on environmental conditions, level of exertion and state of health. For every 1% increase in dehydration, heart rate is increased by four beats per minute. 

We’ve spent close to 10-years scientifically unpacking dehydration in the workplace. Over five million serves and three million icy poles later, the Thorzt team have developed a product range packed with electrolytes, vitamins and branched-chain amino acids for rapid rehydration. 

We are committed to researching and developing quality cooling and hydration products for hard workers all around the world whatever the job. 

Thorzt – the hydration solution for hard work.