The need for an electrolyte formula that meets the hydration requirements of heat stressed workers. Four athletes who understand the requirements of a hard working body have contributed their unique set of skills, experience and passion by going a long way to finding the solutions to Dehydration in the Workplace.

You may not reach the heights of the athletes responsible for THORZT, but you may be amazed at your improved performance, recovery and feeling of well-being by hydrating withTHORZT, a formula scientifically designed for Australian conditions.

It’s probably not known by many, that Tim Bird Managing Director of Paramount Safety (manufacturers of THORZT) is also an elite athlete, holding the record for the white water classic, The Avon Descent in WA since 1997 and also represented Australia at the 2001 World Championships
in Flatwater Kayaking.

Hydration is a big part of any endurance training programme.

Training with long-time friends and Paramount colleagues, ironman competitor and paddler Brad Rodgers and NZ International paddler Owen Hughes –  Competed in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and 5 World Championships. The three athletes found they were not getting the hydration they required from the existing electrolyte drinks on the market. This has led them to collaborate and research an electrolyte formula designed for sustained hydration and muscle recovery.

While gathering and studying existing market research in sports and related industries, what became apparent was workplace heat stress and hydration had become an issue amongst OHS/HSE professionals. Already being in the industry of manufacturing and distributing PPE to protect the outside of the body, the same criteria could be used to protect the inside of the body.

Sustained hydration, as experienced in sporting events, was being sought in the industrial workplace where dehydration was a factor that reduces work efficiency and safety.

If the three could develop an electrolytic formula that could meet their training requirements, it made sense that a customised formula could be developed to address heat stress and hydration in the workplace.

After an arduous process of researching and trialling, the team was able to come up with the optimum formula and THORZT was born. After scientific assessment by university physiologists, who complimented the low sugar content and the inclusion of essential amino acids. The brand was ready to hit the market.

Tim, Brad and Owen had hectic schedules running the day-to-day operations of Paramount Safety, they needed to find someone to tell workplaces Australia wide how THORZT could improve their Heat Stress Management and Hydration Solutions. Enter David Rhodes, an Olympian, (4th K2 1000m Athens) fellow paddling competitor, and long-time friend. David’s firsthand knowledge of heat stress and dehydration in his workplace of paddling and his communication skills made him the ideal candidate to spread the THORZT message.

David advocates workplace hydration all over the world, sharing his heat stress and hydration experience as an Olympian and now as a Weekend Warrior.

“it’s not all about drinking electrolytes, they aren’t the silver bullet – it’s more about getting back to the basics and wherethorzt can play a role in your heat stress management and hydration solution”

Through Tim’s foresight, Brad’s determination, Owen’s ambition
and David’s voice, the THORZT brand is built on experiences.


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