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Hydration & Cooling Products

THORZT Electrolyte Drink is available in a range of flavours and sizes, including Sugar Free Electrolyte Drink options designed to keep you hydrated no matter what your occupation is. We also offer a range of THORZT Coolers and Cooling Apparel to keep you and your THORZT chilled out in hot working conditions.

Core Electrolyte Range
Contains the essential electrolytes sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, branch chain amino acids and low-GI Carbohydrates.

THORZT Drink Bottles & Coolers
View the THORZT Range of drink bottles and coolers.

Sugar Free Electrolyte Range
Thorzt Sugar Free brings all the benefits of the Core Electrolyte Range, but without the sugar. It is also suitable for Diabetics.

Sub Zero Cooling Apparel
Reduce the likelihood of heat stress with the THORZT Sub Zero range of Cooling Apparel including Cooling Vests, Hydration Backpacks, Cooling Neck ties and more.