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THORZT Shot-Load

(Concentrate Syrup)

600mL Electrolyte Drink Mix - Makes 10L

  • LC20BL
  • LC20LL
  • LC20WB
  • LC20TR
  • LC200R
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Add bottle to a matching THORZT Cooler for the perfect mix and thirst quenching dispenser system.

THORZT Liquid Pump Dispenser

Fits 1.25ml Liquid Concentrate Bottle

Affix this to the THORZT Liquid Concentrate Bottle and create the perfect electrolyte drink mix.

  • 1 Pump makes 160mls
  • 3-4 Pumps makes 600mls
  • 5 Pumps makes 800mls
  • 25 Pumps makes 4L

Each THORZT Liquid concentrate (LC20) bottle contains 125 pumps and refills an 800ml Drink Bottle 25 times.