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When to hydrate with a THORZT Shot?

THORZT hydrates the body in a fast efficient way to maintain peak performance at all times, but when do you need a THORZT Shot? The number one way to tell whether your body needs rehydrating is assessing the colour of your “number one’s”.

The following chart is a guide that outlines when to hydrate based on the colour of your urine.

If your urine matches the colors numbered 1, 2, or 3 you are hydrated, but keep drinking THORZT.

If your urine matches the colors numbered 4 through 8 you are dehydrated and need to drink for more fluid.


Disclaimer: This chart is designed to be a guide only. Consider seeking medical advise if urine colour falls within 7 – 8 range. Vitamin supplements, alcohol and certain diets may affect urine colour.

Download the THORZT Urine Chart as a Poster / PDF