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Free Site Trials


THORZT are now offering free on-site product tastings. Contact us today and we will arrange for a THORZT representative to come out to your work site and set up on-site tastings for your workforce.

During the tasting your workers will get to sample THORZT’s five great flavours and ask our experts questions about the benefits of electrolytes and the role of worker hydration in maintaining a healthy and safe workplace.

THORZT site trials are available for a limited time only, so call 1800 THORZT or fill out the form below. Terms and conditions apply*

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*To be eligible for the on-site trial you have a minimum of 50 people in your workforce that would potentially use THORZT, workforces smaller than 50 are eligible to receive free Thorzt Samples, simply fill out the site trial form and enter your number of employees. Minimum of 30 working days notice required for the on site trial. Offer only available while sample stock levels last.